Ep. 23 - Orange Is The New Black: Season 4

June 4, 2017

SEASON 5 IS NEARLY HERE! But we can't eat that yummy treat until we finish our Season 4 dinner first. When last we left there had been a mass-inmate-escape and the newly free women headed straight to...a lake to take a bit of a dip. Meanwhile a bunch of new prisoners and COs from Max were being bussed into Litchfield and Alex stood face-to-face with a hitman hired to take her out. Will this season divide Damask and Brod like the last, or can 13 new eps get our hosts back on the same page? Also, if Sophia screams in the SHU and no one is around to hear her does she make a sound?

'Orange Is The New Black Is Trauma Porn Written For White People' - Ashleigh Shackelford at Wear Your Voice: 

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